Maya Tamayo

Maya Tamayo is Co-Founder and Program Manager of Angat Bayi. Maya has also co-founded the Feminist Legal Network, a gathering of legal professionals and advocates working for more gender-responsive, inclusive, and just practices within the Philippine justice system and legal community. Aside from being a passionate advocate for women’s rights and the arts, Maya is also a proficient feminist researcher and trainer.

She is an awardee of the Connections Through Culture – Arts and Creative Economy Research Grant by the British Council in the UK and East Asia, and was selected as part of the first cohort of the Women Together for a Better Normal program by Ashoka and the S&P Global Foundation in 2020. Recently, she was chosen as one of the fellows of the Vital Voices Global Partnership’s VVEngage Fellowship. When she’s not developing innovative projects and doing consultancy work, she dances, travels, plays board games with her tribe, and enjoys coffee (or wine) with her coven.